Life With A Tablet PC

What is it like owning a Tablet PC

Tim Potter Samsung Tab Plus

Well I bought a Samsung 7″ tablet a few months back. The reason I bought a 7″ and not a 10″ was the fact I wanted something I could carry. However I wanted it large enough to see without having to expand the screen size. What I have found is this an excellent complimentary device that is portable light and easy to use. Additionally this has the capability for cell phone and messaging. Along with a blue tooth device it is just awesome. With a keyboard style layout and messaging in conversation mode. It makes for excellent communication. Also because it has 3G and 4G capabilities I can use Google Voice to call the US free of charge. (3g or wifi charges may apply). The size and weight of the device is also a plus we can carry it around to mall or to stores. This has replaced our cell phones and used as much as a laptop or desktop. It also has almost replaced the camera we have. It takes excellent pictures and with various apps it makes it so easy to take great pictures.
Google Play
Google Play

Google Play

The other benefit is Google Play a site dedicated to applications that you can use on the device. Many are free and some charge. There are games, e-readers and just so much it is hard to explain. I was an Apple guy and thought Ipad has this market all sowed up with ease of use. Not the case. We have the 16Gb model and that is so much storage. We have hundreds of songs and thousands of pictures that can so easily be flipped through and listened to or watched.


The other question many have are they all the same. Do all tablets that offer android have the same features and specs. I tried many of them and laid them down side by side. Ipad was the best of the bunch yet it had a price tag that says hey I am a Cadillac. Then I got to the Android tablets. I looked at specs and looked at storage on the device. I have a Tab Plus which minus (specs wise) the screen is better then the Tab 2 (not available when I purchased). The biggest thing I found with the cheaper models was the screen responsiveness. How hard I had to push or hold to make things happen. Clarity of icons and camera was another issue with the cheaper off name brands. The best thing to do is shop around there are so many brands to choose from. The Tab Plus is cheaper because of the release of the Tab2. One thing you should look for is a device that has Ice Cream Sandwich or Honey Comb. They are the latest OS for Android Devices. Stay away for a device that has Froyo as it may not be able to be upgraded as the case with the Original Samsung Tab. 
These devices are just awesome for the casual user that wants to surf or just wants to get on the web, check email or facebook. Without the hassle of a laptop. The battery life is reasonably good 9+ hours of surf time. Plus it makes life so easy.

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