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Finding a place to Rent


It is very difficult to find a place to rent. They do not advertise like they do in the west. So boots on the ground get you the best deals.

During my time here one question always seems to come up.  How much can I rent a place for. I have seen places that range in price from 2500 pesos or $60.00.  However does that mean you want to live there.  Figure out what the going rate for a place is and what you need to feel comfortable. The basics in life are water and electric.  So that will move your spear up to 5,000 peso.  Now I am looking at this from a Metro Cebu point of view. As prices when you move farther from the city hub get cheaper and cheaper.

What would you get for 5,000-10,000 pesos.  You would get a basic  apartment.  No shower and small water closet that has a bucket and dipper to shower with. It could be two or one bedroom. Yet the rooms would shrink accordingly.  This would not have a conventional kitchen but a dirty kitchen.  It would be 100% unfurnished. No Fridge or hot water.  It would have no A/C.  Your electric outlets would consist of maybe one in each room. They floors may be tiled though unlikely and just painted concrete. The Sqm would be up to 25 for the size of the place.  The rooms and such would be unfinished so you must paint and add decor.  This would be a range that most would feel uncomfortable with coming from a western society.

Deca Home Cebu
Typical 6,000 a month place

Kitchen dirty
Dirty Kitchen

Typical Restroom

The next price range is where most people fall. When they move here.  The 10,000-20,000 peso range.  Improvements that you will see are a regular kitchen yet with out appliances. Tiled floors and finished rooms.  Though depending on age this may be very dated.  You will have a shower head in the bathroom and a toilet seat. Yet it still will be a water closet and small. Still this will come with no hot water.  You may get A/C in several rooms or none at at all.  You will get a few more sq feet of living area around 30sqm. The finished nature of the place will be more complete. Living conditions will be much improved and location could also be better.

Kitchen Dining Area
del mar Cebu
Molave Home 15K 28sqm

The next range is where you start to really see an improvement towards western standards.  You will be able to find a western home for the 20,000 to 30,000 range. It would be more adapt to living like in an small home or apartment in the west.

Hope this helps.

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