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Tim Potter Sugar Land Texas

Older Post from 2010.

The Real Tim Potter From Sugar Land Texas 

I moved to the Philippines in February 2007 from Sugar Land Texas and have lived here since I retired from the Marine Corps.  I came here as an English teacher for students of Korean and Japanese decent. I found working for companies was nothing like that in the US.

 Additionally being a Marine I had a hard time adjusting to the disconnect between the different parts of the company.  I found they employed people in various position and just created obstacles to actually getting work done.  The wages are so low they can afford to hire superfluous people and give them a title.  So to say the least the job lasted 6 months. I then opened several Internet cafes around the Lapu Lapu and Talisay area.  Those for fun for a while however once the thrill was over I was slightly bored and closed them down.  I have found different areas and different cultures depending where I live on the island of Cebu.  First living in Cordova which is on Mactan Island. I found that I was treated much like a tourist.  Since the airport is relatively close. Plus alot of nice hotels are located on the island. I really did not care for that feeling to much.  I then moved farther from the city or so I thought.  I moved to Talisay. I did like the feel of Talisay and the people treated me more like a local. The city had all the needs you could want. Though searching could be a bit of a task.  I was longing for a little more flavor in my life.  I wanted to experience what it is to live here.  So I moved to Toledo.  I have found this to be nice.  The people are a little different they act and caring themselves differently.  It is small town life with Cebu just being a 45 min motor bike ride over the mountain. The cost of living is cheaper then anywhere I have been.  I live in a nice 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment about 40 sq meter (375 sq feet) house.  Running hot water, stove, Dream TV, really a nice place.  It is quite and right on the beach.  I get all this for a huge 10,000 peso a month ($220,00).  It seems life is a little easierand pollution of the big city is not here.  The learning curve continues as continue to learn more and more about the culture and the life here in the Philippines.I just think I will stay.

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